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Sen, is a small creature who has lived his entire life colourless without an explanation as to why. Having been secluded from civilization and overwhelmed by his curiosity he sets off on a quest for something, he does not know how to find - his colour. His journey however would not be made easy, as fearsome monsters block his path on his search for the truth about his dull array.


'A' and 'D' Key: Move left/right

'S' Key:  Drop below a platform

'W' Key: Proceed to level.

Spacebar: Jump (Double Jump while in the air)

Left Mouse Button: Attack

Right Mouse Button + Directional Key: Dodge left/right

'1' and '2' Key: Swap weapons

'R' Key: Interact

'I' Key: Open/Close Inventory

'Esc' Key: Pause


DyeHard_1.11.zip 44 MB

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